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The event
Mediterranean Aerospace Matching 2024 is the 2nd edition of an international business convention for the aerospace and advanced air mobility industry, with a focus on the Mediterranean area. Across the three-day event, which will take place at the "Marcello Arlotta" airport of Taranto-Grottaglie, business experts, policymakers, national and international industry leaders, as well as SMEs, start-ups, young students and professionals, join together to discuss the upcoming challenges in the fields of Advanced Air Mobility and space transportation systems and draw new perspectives in the field of unmanned aircraft and Innovative Aerial Services.

The innovative format of the event offers various opportunities to connect and explore:
A large indoor exhibition area showcases aerospace companies, including the new Drone Zone presenting various drones initiatives and specialized companies, as well as an outdoor area dedicated to the static display of drones and aircraft;
An intensive programme of conference sessions brings together the international aerospace community to discuss the future of the industry and engage in the following key-topics:

  • Advanced and Urban Air Mobility
  • Platform technologies and infrastructure
  • Research and Innovation (R&I)
  • Finance and entrepreneurship for the new aerospace economy
  • Aerospace ecosystem
  • Suborbital flight systems
A dedicated matchmaking platform offers participating companies the chance to meet and build targeted business relations with key industry players and international partners, through tailored one-to-one meetings.
A Careers Event, featuring the “Headhunter’s Corner” allows aerospace companies to present the professions of the future. In addition, “Speed professional networking” sessions give students, graduates and researchers the opportunity to meet with a series of aerospace companies, present their profiles and discuss job opportunities.
A full programme of demonstration flights involving the latest generation UAS (Unmanned Aerial System).
Mediterranean Aerospace Matching 2024 is promoted by Puglia Region, Department for Economic Development, in collaboration with ENAC - National Civil Aviation Authority, Aeroporti di Puglia S.p.A. (AdP), DTA - Aerospace Technological Cluster, Criptaliae Spaceport, with the technical support of Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A. and Arti - Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation.
"Marcello Arlotta" airport of Taranto-Grottaglie
Mediterranean Aerospace Matching (MAM) 2024 will take place at the “Marcello Arlotta” airport in Grottaglie (Taranto), one of the 4 airports of the regional airport network, managed by Aeroporti di Puglia S.p.A. (AdP).

In 2014, the airport infrastructure was recognized by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) as an integrated logistics platform for the research, development and testing of innovative aerospace solutions. Today, thanks to the commitment of DTA (Aerospace Technological District), in collaboration with the University of Bari, the University of Salento and the Polytechnic of Bari, the Grottaglie Airport Test Bed (GATB) is a reality, offering research and experimentation facilities for UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), innovative UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) services, as well as the design and experimentation of innovative air services deliverable through UAS.

Grottaglie Airport has also been designated by the Italian Government and ENAC as the site of the first Italian spaceport, due to become the point of departure and arrival for the future generation of space carriers which will be able to take off horizontally. In August 2022, ENAC and AdP set-up the “Criptaliae Spaceport Association”, which has since been joined by institutional partners, including the Italian Air Force, ENAV (National Air Traffic Services) and CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre), as well as various industry stakeholders, with the aim of providing Italy with a strategic infrastructure of excellence for the development of the national and European aerospace industry.

Thanks to the presence of leading national and multinational industrial groups, Grottaglie airport today represents a strategic asset for the local economy, offering development opportunities for local businesses and generating investment opportunities for key industry players.
The 2024 edition of the Mediterranean Aerospace Matching takes place in an unprecedented international scenario, marked by the complex challenges of climate change, rapid demographic growth, increasing geopolitical instability and the spread of digital technologies.
The aerospace industry is called upon to play a key role in the transition towards a more sustainable future, by proposing innovative solutions capable of reducing the environmental impact of mobility and territorial development, improving safety and security, especially through the development of advanced systems for air mobility and for space transportation.

The European Union, pursuing the "Drone Strategy 2.0 for a Smart and Sustainable Unmanned Aircraft Eco-System in Europe", is committed to promoting technological and industrial development to create a drone market that brings innovative services through the creation of new knowledge and skills, the production of effective, efficient and low environmental impact aerial platforms that make intensive use of artificial intelligence, the development and implementation of U-space services, the construction of new terrestrial infrastructures.

The development of an innovative aviation and air services market also implies the use advanced of space services (satellite navigation, Earth Observation, satellite communications, satellite weather services) and switches attention to the enabling technologies, changes in regulations, infrastructure and operational procedures required to create this new “aerospace economy”.

In this context, MAM 2024 plays a key role in defining new prospects for the global aerospace industry in the fields of Advanced Air Mobility and Innovative Aerial Services, whilst qualifying Taranto-Grottaglie airport as a technological and industrial hub for the experimentation and development of innovative aerospace solutions.

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